January 16, 2022


Scripture: Matthew 5:13 NKJV

As we’ve seen over the course of the last two years, the enemy has a way of continuing to create situations and narratives where the world, our businesses, our schools, and our churches have difficulty finding traction. It’s almost like riding a bike and getting several good pedals in and you’re moving a little bit, but the gears slip and you have to start over again in order to get anywhere. It can be extremely frustrating!

Recently, a poll was created for which thousands of Pastors were called and asked what the greatest challenges are for their churches in these difficult times. 70-75% of the pastors polled said that one of their major concerns was an increase in apathy in the church. Now, let’s not assume that apathy in the church comes from people not caring or loving God or people. Most of the time apathy in the church comes as a result of thinking that what you’re saying and what you’re doing really doesn’t matter, so you simply stop thinking about it.

One good example of this is Samson finally telling Delilah the secret to his strength but only after she “vexed” him. In other words, she was so relentless that she wore him down until he finally said “okay, here’s my secret”.

This also reminds us of the scripture in Revelation where the Bible tells us that one of the ways the enemy tries to get the best of us is by “wearing out the saints”. Sometimes he doesn’t just come at us with just one fatal blow. Rather, he just keeps coming, he keeps talking, he keeps pressing with the goal of wearing out God’s people until we simply don’t care anymore because it feels like anything we say or do simply doesn’t matter.

So here’s the big idea: YOU DO MATTER. WHAT YOU SAY MATTERS. WHAT YOU DO MATTERS. Any thought or statement that tries to convince you otherwise is simply a lie straight from the pit of hell! So if you’re in a situation where you’re not seeing the breakthrough or immediate change you want to see, don’t believe the lie! Don’t give up! Continue to run your race! Continue to stand up and be God’s voice! We, the church, NEED a demonstration of His power. It is only through His power that we experience His victory.

Being the Salt of the Earth Refers to Our Distinctiveness

In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus tells us that we are the salt of the Earth. Why? Because salt changes things. It’s distinct. Salt purifies things. It creates thirst. It creates seasoning. It makes things taste better. So when Jesus calls us the salt of the Earth, he’s not only saying that we are different, he’s also saying that though it may not feel or look like it, what you say and do can change the flavor of the world around you!

Of course, the enemy knows this. That’s why he tries to wear us out and get us to resign ourselves and comply with the things he’s doing. He knows that if we continue to fight, eventually we’ll change the flavor of the world!