As Christians, we are called to share our testimonies to encourage everyone and to help increase each other’s faith. These stories help to demonstrate the power, authority, and goodness of God. They aid in telling His story on earth today. The Church was not built on law and doctrine but on the testimony that Jesus died and rose three days later. Any testimony, no matter how small or big, has the power to change lives by directing the hearts of all people to Jesus our savior.










Matt Lopez

This is Matt. When he survived a near fatal motorcycle crash in 2021, he knew God had a plan for his life. Though he wanted to turn to the Lord, he felt unable. From an early age, through misguided family members, Matt was exposed to witchcraft and demon worship. As a result, every time Matt stepped foot in a church he felt anxious and angry, unable to stay. Recently, Matt attended a young adults life group. As he listened to the leaders share the Gospel, he noticed a comfort and peace that he never experienced before. Later that night, he made the decision change the narrative of his family and surrender his life to Jesus, and embrace God’s plan for his life.

Lexi Jones

When I was 13 I gave my life to the Lord. During my high school years I veered off that road and had reached a bad state of mind with my mental health struggling with anxiety and depression. Today during worship, with Nicky Cruz was preaching, I felt like the Lord was reaching my heart but due to my anxiety and fears, I didn’t fully listen and move. Later that afternoon while talking with my friend Cecilia, I had a change of heart and felt like I needed to make that commitment and that step in the right direction by giving my life to the Lord. I now trust the Lord with my life and truly believe that he won’t ever steer me in the wrong direction in life and I’m determined to carry that faith with me for the rest of my life.

Victoria Cox

This is Victoria.

In April, Victoria was invited to an NLYA Night on campus by one of our young adults, Whitney Yates. When she arrived, her ears began throbbing due to the loud music. Victoria has lived with Auditory Sensory Disorder her whole life, making her painfully sensitive to sounds. Victoria told Whitney immediately that she couldn’t stay due to her disorder but Whitney offered to pray over her before she left.

Whitney & Liv began to pray. Victoria was amazed at their boldness so she gave a mustard seed of faith, believing God might actually be able to heal this disorder she’s had her whole life. After the prayer, they encouraged her to stay for a minute, and instantaneously, there was no more pain. Tears began to stream down her face, in awe that God healed her at that moment from something she believed she would deal with her whole life.

Since then, Victoria began to attend to an NLYA Tuesday life group. She had been struggling with anxiety and an ongoing addiction to smoking for the last 3 years. In this life group, she was convicted of living a “double lifestyle” and wanted the freedom that others were receiving around her. That night, as all the young adults went to dinner, she overheard a conversation between some of the leaders and a young man in her life group that was also addicted to smoking. Without them knowing it the counseling & encouragement the leaders brought him was also ministering to her. That night, Victoria went home, repented & decided to cold-turkey quit smoking. For three days, she experienced withdrawals and battled severe anxiety and nothing seemed to help.

That Friday evening, Whitney invited Victoria to catch up & get coffee. The holy spirit began to minister to her there in that coffee shop and Victoria said she wanted to get baptized. They went to the church immediately and Whitney baptized her as they believed God for a fresh start.

Since her baptism, Victoria hasn’t had any anxiety or withdrawals from smoking!

From just a mustard seed of faith & obedience, the Lord miraculously healed her hearing, broke away her anxiety, and freed her from addiction.

Jaddyn Lesikar

I prayed and was just asking God to let me know if I’m ready to get baptized. Then I went to sleep and had a dream that felt so real. I was talking with some friends outside in the middle of the night. Me and my step sister were talking and all of a sudden there was a loud noise, like trumpets and the sun got really bright. You could see angels appear from the sky and people start going into the sky. I started telling everyone that it’s judgment day and they were asking what that is. The next thing I know we’re in a cloud and we’re looking around and God is right there. Then I woke up and I was freaking out cause it really did feel so real- I knew God was speaking to me & that was my sign to get baptized.

Luis Garcia

I was living in the world and had a rough upbringing. I felt like it was a divine appointment that I showed up to life group that night, I think God directed my steps there. I heard Logan’s message & Andres’ testimony and felt convicted. I talked with the guy leaders in the life group and repented. I accepted the invitation to give my life to the Lord. I didn’t want to wait to be baptized, so the leaders baptized me in the pool at the apartments.

Andres Flores

I turned away from Jesus at the end of my freshman year, and last night at 11:30 PM the Lord gave me the strength to get rid of these chains that have been holding me back all my life, the burdens that have been keeping me away from Jesus. I don’t feel pain in my knee when I walk. I don’t feel any emotional pain or emptiness inside my heart. I feel reborn, and people don’t understand that there is always someone there for you. That’s what I strive to push now that I am a child of Jesus Christ.

McKenzie Gowan

3/27/22… an ordinary day made not so ordinary.

This is such a raw and pure moment between me and the Lord. I first rose from these waters many years ago, when I knew Jesus, but didn’t fully understand what it meant to have a relationship with him.

This eventually led me to be misguided in my faith.

These past few months I have spent in darkness, hiding away with the enemy. Everyday was a battle against myself as I gave into the sins that pulled me farther and farther away from God. I ignored constant corrections sent by God and lived a fear-driven life.

I was hesitant on re-dedicating my life to Christ for many selfish reasons. Whether it be guilt of what I had done, fear of what’s to come after, lack of trust in my faith, and so much more. No matter the reason, I always made up an excuse. It recently came to my attention that all this restraint was coming from the enemy and the enemy only. NO MORE EXCUSES!

God didn’t want me to come to him perfect. He wanted me to come to him broken. Broken and vulnerable. He wanted me to be fully encouraged in my own ways and not the ways of others. I had to show I was willing to lay down my sins and pick up my cross to live the life of a servant, and that’s a choice I made today.

Today wasn’t planned, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other day.

This is where growth starts. Thank you Jesus.


Krista Valdez

On April 14, 2021 God gave me the greatest gift. I was home listening to Heaven Come services online. The Pastor said someone was struggling with depression. He repeated it again. I began yelling at my phone “it’s me, it’s me. “ I typed in the online chat “I’m here”.
I fell to my knees crying out to God. I felt the Holy Spirit fill the room. God began to empty me of the pain of my three attempted suicides , past child abuse, loss of a child, domestic abuse and betrayal of my family. After God emptied me he began to fill me with his love, joy and peace. I felt completely loved and worthy to receive it. For the first time I felt joy to be alive. Four days later at services that Sunday the pastor shared my testimony and I felt God tell me to get baptized. I practically went running to the front. When you experience the freedom found in Christ, you obey. I’m not here to make you believe in my healing, I’m sharing my testimony because someone may be struggling like I was. God can take away that burden of pain. True freedom is found in Christ Jesus. Waking up everyday with my family and not thinking about death is a freedom I can’t explain. Being able to form bonds and friendships as the real me is priceless. Being able to go to church and not hiding behind a fake smile is amazing. Being able to worship without lies filling my head that I should end my life ….PRICELESS. I am so grateful and so thankful. Thank you God for never leaving my side. Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me always. Thank you Jesus for saving me. The price you paid for me, I’m eternally grateful.

Keith Scott

A couple days before a Heaven Come service, Keith badly injured his knee while training Jui Jitsu. The injury resulted in an intense amount of pain and made it unable for him to walk. Keith had to use a cane just to make it to church that Wednesday night. During service, Keith came forward to receive prayer for healing. After about 25 minutes of people praying, Keith regained the majority of range of motion in his leg and ALL of the pain had left. He walked out of the church that night on his own two feet, carrying the cane in his hand!

Aaron Neubauer

I had an amazing thing happen yesterday at church! I messed up my right shoulder a little over a month ago and it’s been getting worse. I had limited movement and pain. The last few days were especially tough. At the end of the 9:00 service Valerie convinced me to get prayer for healing for my shoulder. 1 day later and I am pain free and have full movement! I won’t deny that I was a little skeptical, but I thank God for this healing! We serve an awesome God! Thanks Josiah for praying for me!

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” – Matthew 5:16